Thursday, August 26, 2010

Starry, Starry Nights

We last left off with a visit from my fellow fabric hoarder, my mother-in-law, Diana.  Diana organized, packed and delivered stacks of fabric which I now have draped around my sewing area.  I'm planning to get busy and find some storage but, for now, the fabric is staying sprawled around the room.  I like to fondle it.

Playing with the new fabric result in a creative frenzy .  Starry, Starry Nights - already mailed off to welcome a new baby boy.

Sewing is a contemplative, solo sport which suits me well but every so often I get curious and want to see what others are doing.  I've recently joined Meet-Up and  - WOW - I've lived in LA my entire life and, while I know there is always a lot going on - Meet-Up is the way to be a part of all the happenings and connect.

From the Meet-Up site, I found a group called "Etsy Mob".  All you creative folks probably already know about Etsy but I'm a newcomer.  Thanks to D. @ for encouraging me to check out Etsy.  I made D's son one of my first futons.

I planning to get together with the Etsy folks at the Urban Creative Center in Santa Monica.

Meet-Up -
Urban Craft Center -

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