Sunday, February 6, 2011

When Hobbies Collide - Massage Table Meet Futon

It's been a while since I posted but Futons for Fun has been busy.  Let's get to the photos.

Here's a brilliantly colored Merrimekko futon circa 196?

Many of the futon fabrics have been donated to me.  The sharing of fabrics from friends of friends who have passed is an especially heart warming part of making baby futons.  I think of each woman who didn't have time to finish her projects but here I am able to make it happen.

Here's a few that now have homes around the country.

We now have 2nd generation baby futons lovers back choosing futons for their friends.  Baby Griz (fencer baby from the old days) came back and chose some fabric for a new baby friend.

Notice the massage table.  Perfect work surface for sewing projects.  No more aching back.

 Futons for Fun relies on a handy in house shipping department.  Since Nick has shipping/handling in his DNA from his grandparent's dry goods store in Nebraska, he takes care of the details which moves the futons off my massage table and into the mail.

Next stop - A full size futon made for a grown-up friend.  It will be challenging for me to handle so much fabric but I think it will be beautiful.  Check back soon.

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