Saturday, February 12, 2011

Big Girl Quilt

Quite a few years ago, a disc in my neck ruptured.  Now, just that I'm sitting here typing this should let you know that I've had a terrific recovery.  When the disc first ruptured, I couldn't type  ~ much less sew.  No sewing, no gardening - hell, I couldn't even hold a magazine.

I saw that guy (the real guy, not James Franco) the other night talking about cutting his arm off.  Of course, it was awful but when he described the painful heat that flew up his arm when he cut the nerve, let's just say I identified.

Recovery was slow.  I walked a lot.  When I could drive again, I'd go to the fabric store and touch the fabrics, buy a few yards here and there.  I couldn't sew but the fabric relaxed me and let me pretend I still had a hobby.

So forget all that.  I'm bringing it up because my most current project isn't a Baby Futon but is a quilt for a grown-up girl named Lorraine.  Lorraine is that kind of person who you can always depend on and, paradoxically, is the person who never seems to need anything.  When Lorraine said she wanted a big quilt for her guestroom in Sacramento, I said yes. Even though I hadn't handled so much fabric since the curse of the bad disc, I decided  to give it a try.  And, it was Lorraine who was asking.

The quilt is fairly simple.  Large center panel with two side panels.  Three layers - medium weight pad in between 2 layers of fabric.  Getting those panels on both sides to line up is hard. Tried laying under the table to pull and pin the fabric in place.  It kind of worked.  It was cozy under there. Here's a view from underneath my massage/work table.

Should be able to finish up tomorrow with the binding.  I'll post more then.

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